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Small Business Coronavirus Lockdown Help

Enough with the doom and gloom. As small business owners facing this coronavirus lockdown, we need to remember:

  • Bad news and fear sell papers. So they get over-pro­­moted.
  • Good news is coming from other sources. Share hope, not fear.
  • The game has changed, not ended. We lose if we admit defeat.
  • Everyone is being hit — but that levels the playing field.
  • Adapt­ab­ility is the small business advantage.
  • Neg­at­ivity under­mines cre­ativity and planning.
  • Our fam­ilies and teams need to see con­fidence, not fear.
  • Stress also under­mines the immune system. Breathe, and calm.
  • Mutual support, determ­in­ation and flex­ib­ility will win.
  • No entre­preneur sur­vives without being able to see hope in adversity. Silver linings may be a razor’s edge at times, but that’s where we find the silver.
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Small Business SEO — The Game Just Changed

Small business SEO is now more vital than ever. Why? Because with more people working from home, offline advert­ising will struggle to compete with online searches.

Your com­pet­itors know this. That’s why Google Trends is showing that searches for SEO in the UK have just peaked higher than at any time in the past five years.

Still, small busi­nesses face special problems when it comes to investing in SEO. This leads to three common mis­takes.

Mistake #1: DIY SEO

Small budgets make DIY seem tempting. Yet whilst the basics of SEO can seem simple to learn, they take years to master — and they keep changing.… Read the rest

7 Ways Social Media Helps Small Businesses Grow

Social media apps are with us everywhere!Social media is a vital mar­keting tool for small busi­nesses because entry fees are low, and the potential reach is high. Many art­icles focus on how social media helps small busi­nesses grow by increasing brand awareness.

That’s all very well, but how can social media drive sales?

Well, social ads are an obvious answer — but thank­fully, not the only answer.

Popular Social Media Sales Strategies

In fact, a recent review of key social media mar­keting stats noted seven popular ways that com­panies use social media to drive sales:

  • 48% of firms said being responsive encourages cus­tomers to buy
  • 46% find that offering pro­mo­tions helps to drive sales
  • 42% drive sales by providing edu­ca­tional content (aka “content mar­keting”)
  • 35% use exclusive content to encourage pur­chases
  • 28% reported using inter­esting visuals increased sales
  • 27% said it helped to provide “behind the scenes” content
  • 26% find being funny can improve sales

All of these tactics also improve cus­tomer engagement with your brand and long-term loyalty.… Read the rest

7 Top Marketing Myths

Marketing myths and mistakesMar­keting moves fast, but mar­keting myths die hard. It’s common to copy “tra­di­tional mar­keting wisdom” without real­ising that risks copying tra­di­tional mar­keting mis­takes.

The web gives digital mar­keters masses of imme­diate audience feedback to learn from — far more than tra­di­tional mar­keters have ever had.

So whatever you’ve learned may well be out­dated already. Times change, com­pet­itors learn and update their strategies, and mar­keting evolves. What worked a few years ago may not work now. Or perhaps it never worked, but was based on false, yet popular, assump­tions. Yet many people still spread these myths as if they’re in the know.

Many useful lessons in mar­keting have been twisted by mis­quotes and false assump­tions over the years, too. Here are seven of the top mar­keting myths that I still see today and why you should think twice before falling for them.… Read the rest

5 Top Tips for Designing a Small Business Website

Small business website - start small, think bigPlanning to launch a new website for your business? There’s a lot to con­sider when designing a small business website. Have you thought about how its design may affect vis­ib­ility on Google or how people per­ceive your business?

Gone are the days where a free Geo­cities or Word­Press tem­plate could do the job for you.

The com­pet­ition is tighter now, with 71% of small busi­nesses already oper­ating a website of their own. Your site has to stand out amidst the sea of com­pet­itors. Get started the right way with these 5 top tips to create a good small business website:

1 .On-Site SEO is a Must

First and foremost, make Search Engine Optim­iz­ation a pri­ority for everything you do on your site. Whether it’s designing how the site looks to the content you post on the pages and blog, SEO should be a part of the design philo­sophy.… Read the rest