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Affordable Websites: How To Set A Website Budget

Affordable Website BudgetSmall businesses and startups often seek affordable websites — but what makes a website “affordable”? How do you set a website budget?

In fact, it mainly depends on whether it’s a personal site, or a business site.

Why? Because contrary to popular impressions, personal websites often cost money. Successful business websites do not.

Yes, you read that right. In the same way, a “cheap” business site can easily end up costing you more than financing a more professional one.

That isn’t very intuitive, so allow me to explain…

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How To Budget For A Personal Website

Personal websites aren’t built to make money, either online or offline. Traffic isn’t their priority, and even if monetised with ads or affiliate income, that isn’t their key goal.

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Web Designer? Web Developer? Which Do I Need?

There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between web designers and web developers. That’s a problem when you’re trying to decide which to hire. However, it can be an even bigger problem if that confusion leads you to assume they’re both the same.

It often helps to think of your website as a marketing vehicle. In that sense, web designers build a chassis and dashboard around an engine and tweak things so that they all work together. Developers build the engine and other working parts. Of course, there’s a bit more to than that.

What’s a Web Designer?

web designWeb designers are creatives – but their job goes far beyond just making things look pretty. A designer is an artist who knows how to make things work.… Read the rest