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Meltdown & Spectre Simplified

So, 2018 has star­ted with dis­clos­ure of two huge cyber­se­cur­ity vul­ner­ab­il­it­ies, called “Melt­down” and “Spectre”. These are not like most of the “exploits” that hack­ers use. They affect almost all mod­ern com­puters.

Sites like MeltdownAttack.com and Defiant.com (pre­vi­ously “Word­Fence”) have covered the tech details well. So, here’s a sim­pli­fied sum­mary of what non-tech­ies need to know.

Why You Should Care About Meltdown & Spectre

Most vul­ner­ab­il­it­ies affect soft­ware. Melt­down and Spectre affect CPUs — the core com­puter chips — mostly those built by Intel since 1995. So they don’t just affect PCs, or Win­dows, or Macs, or Linux. They affect com­puters, regard­less of what soft­ware or oper­at­ing sys­tems you use. In short — yes, this affects your computer(s) and phone(s). It even affects cloud com­puters.… Read the rest

Windows 10 Slow? Try These Two Quick Fixes

Do you Windows 10 Quick Fixfind Win­dows 10 slow at times? That it goes from speedy to slug­gish for no obvi­ous reas­on? Well, before you start wor­ry­ing about mal­ware (which used to be the most com­mon cul­prit), try these quick fixes.

  1. Open the Com­mand Prompt in Admin mode. You can right-click on the Start menu and choose “Com­mand Prompt (Admin)” — or try one of these oth­er ways to open the com­mand prompt.
  2. If a “User Account Con­trol” warn­ing appears, click “Yes” — you do want to let this app to make changes to your device. If noth­ing seems to hap­pen, check your taskbar for a new icon — this warn­ing some­times hides behind oth­er win­dows.
  3. Once you see a black box with the title “Admin­is­trat­or: Com­mand Prompt”, click into it and type the two fol­low­ing com­mands, one after anoth­er:
        net stop "Windows Search"
        net stop superfetch

You should see an improve­ment with­in seconds of these two ser­vices stop­ping.… Read the rest