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Video mar­keting hit main­stream in 2017, with social media ser­vices making it easier than ever to promote video content. Industry stats con­sist­ently show that busi­nesses can’t afford to ignore video mar­keting. Check out these high­lights:

  1. Current trends predict video will account for 82% of all web traffic by 2022
  2. 70% of mar­keters say video boosts sales more than any other content
  3. Social video drives twelve times more shares than other content
  4. It’s great for SEO — adding video can boost search traffic by over 150%
  5. Video can triple email click-through rates
  6. 59% of exec­utives and 80% of con­sumers prefer video to text
  7. 77% of con­sumers say video con­vinces them to buy a product or service
  8. Firms using video grow 49% faster year-on-year than those without it

So clearly, video mar­keting can make you money. How does video achieve these results, though?

Why video works

Video marketingMany people prefer to watch a video than to read text. So video can reach a wider audience. The benefits of video mar­keting go deeper than that, though.

Video is more per­suasive than text. It’s also easier to consume, more immersive and harder to skim through. Essen­tially, it is more engaging — and watching video is meas­urable engagement.

Engagement is a key driver of the mar­keting results listed above. Engaged viewers are more likely to like, share and buy. So plat­forms like Facebook and YouTube want you to share engaging content. The more engaging it is, the cheaper it gets to promote, and the more sales you’ll get. That’s why it’s worth focusing on cre­ating engaging videos.

So, if you aren’t using video mar­keting yet, what’s holding you back?

Getting started with Video Marketing

Video mar­keting does not always mean complex, big budget pro­jects. Nor do you need to be on camera, unless you want to. Many small busi­nesses do it, and so can you!

True, pro­ducing a few minutes of bespoke video or anim­ation can cost four to six figures. Some types of video need a skilled team, expensive equipment and weeks of work. Big busi­nesses invest such sums into video mar­keting because they know they’ll make even more back — but that’s rarely feasible for small firms.

Then we have the DIY approach to video mar­keting. Again, it’s true that you can do a lot with the right skills and editing software, a decent camera, micro­phone, lighting and script. However, not everyone has those resources, or time to use them.

So, how can you keep up? By using my cost-effective small business video mar­keting ser­vices.

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