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Video Marketing Services

Video mar­keting hit main­stream in 2017, with social media ser­vices making it easier than ever to promote video content. Industry stats con­sist­ently show that busi­nesses can’t afford to ignore video mar­keting. Check out these high­lights:

  1. Current trends predict video will account for 82% of all web traffic by 2022
  2. 70% of mar­keters say video boosts sales more than any other content
  3. Social video drives twelve times more shares than other content
  4. It’s great for SEO — adding video can boost search traffic by over 150%
  5. Video can triple email click-through rates
  6. 59% of exec­utives and 80% of con­sumers prefer video to text
  7. 77% of con­sumers say video con­vinces them to buy a product or service
  8. Firms using video grow 49% faster year-on-year than those without it

How does video achieve these results?

Why video works

Video marketingWell, whilst some people prefer to read at their own speed, many don’t. So video mar­keting can reach a wider audience for a start. Watching a video is easier and more per­suasive than reading text, too.

The benefits of video mar­keting go deeper than that, though. The key driver behind most of these stats is engagement. Video may be more passive than text, but it’s more immersive — and harder to skim through. So on advert­ising plat­forms, clicking on a video and watching it to the end is meas­urable engagement.

Engaged viewers are more likely to like, share and buy. When content is shared to other plat­forms like Facebook and YouTube, that meas­urable engagement is good for them, too. So the more engaging your content is, the cheaper it gets to promote, and the more likely it is to drive sales. That’s why it’s worth focusing on cre­ating engaging videos.

So, if you aren’t using video mar­keting yet, what’s holding you back?

Getting started with Video Marketing

There are, of course, a few obstacles to overcome — notably budget. Pro­fes­sional, bespoke video­graphy and anim­ation aren’t cheap. Even pro­ducing a few minutes of video may involve several skilled people working with expensive equipment for a week or more. That can easily cost four to six figures. Big busi­nesses invest that knowing they’ll make even more back — but that’s rarely feasible for smaller firms.

So, at the other end of the scale, we have DIY — which cer­tainly works for many YouTube channels. You can do a lot with the right skills and software, a decent camera, micro­phone, lighting and script. The trick here is to make your video stand out — that’s where branding assets like the ones described below come in.

Still, those skills and resources aren’t always available — and not everyone likes being in front of a camera. So, what can a small business do to keep up?

Simple — use the cost-effective small business video mar­keting ser­vices I’ve put together to make all this easier for you.

Video Marketing services for you

Let’s start with the basics. Some­times, all you really need is a short branding clip, or ‘sting’ like the one you see here. These work well either as stan­dalone assets, or as intro clips for longer videos, as used by pro­fes­sional YouTube channels. These are typ­ically anim­a­tions or live-action clips fea­turing your logo. If you are cre­ating your own video, trans­parent text overlays, outro clips and social media call-to-action anim­a­tions can also help.

Oth­erwise, you may just want a simple pro­mo­tional video with text and logo overlays to get your message across. We can either use your own videos, or my extensive library of clips and back­ground music.

More complex mes­sages may need a scripted storyline with a sequence of back­ground clips, images or illus­tra­tions and white­board-style anim­a­tions. These are often used as “explainer” videos or video sales letters.

Advanced Video Marketing

Voi­ceovers and “talking head” videos are popular and engaging, but again, hiring pro­fes­sional voice and screen talent can be costly. That’s where avatar videos can help. These feature animated talking char­acters, either lip-synced to a script using text-to-speech tech­nology, or using your own pre-recorded voi­ceover. These char­acters can really make your video stand out, and their ser­vices can be engaged from just £650.

…but nothing says “engaging” like per­son­alised video. Just imagine:

Dave and Gemma both need a service that you provide across the South Wales and Southwest England region. Dave lives in Cardiff; Gemma, in Bristol. One day, both see the same video advert on Facebook — greeting them by name. The ad may even using their own Facebook profile photos. It then goes on to tell Dave that you provide ser­vices in Cardiff — whilst Gemma sees a version that says you serve Bristol.

Their names. Their towns. Their profile pic­tures. Do you think Dave or Gemma could ignore an ad like that?

“A person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any lan­guage.” — Dale Carnegie

Big brands use this tech­nology in web TV ads, but this type of video mar­keting needs special video hosting. As such, it has long been out of reach for small busi­nesses. Now you can use per­son­alised video to “wow” your cus­tomers, too.

Check out my video demos page for video pricing details, along with more examples of the types of mar­keting video I can offer.
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