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Video Marketing Demos

Thanks for checking out this video marketing demo video. I’ll leave it here for a few days, but if you’d like to use it in your own marketing, please download it ASAP using the button below.

Please get in touch if you need advice on how to use the video. I’ll be happy to make a couple of basic modifications for free if needed — for instance, you may have a better version of your logo than the one I’ve used. Naturally, I can help with more advanced stuff for a fee too, like splicing this into other videos or helping with regular marketing campaigns, but for now, I hope you find this freebie useful.

Download your video!

There are  masses of stats showing the effectiveness of video marketing. Simply put, though — whilst pictures are still worth a thousand words, moving pictures are even more persuasive. Video marketing went mainstream in 2017 and by 2019, video is expected to account for over 80% of all web traffic. If you want to keep competing, you'll need video marketing sooner or later — and it won't help to let your competitors get a head start, will it?

So, how can you get started quickly, cost-effectively and with marketing videos that stand out? Here are some examples of the ways I can help:

Short Sales Videos

Short sales videos work especially well on social media, where they can reach beyond your initial audience. My showreel shows just three example styles out of the wide range available. I can customise these with your own logo, text, images and videos, or work with stock media to help you to build up your video marketing campaigns.

Branding Animations

What makes a great video look even more professional? Effective branding!

Check out any news channel to see how branding animations are used to build authority and trust. Whether they're fully animated or live-action scenes displaying your logo, or interesting transition scenes and titles, the result is the same. Viewers know custom animation takes a lot of time and skill, so they appreciate the extra investment.

Your secret? I can customise a wide range of these clips for you, using your branding and messages -- for a fraction of their usual cost!

Personalised Video

What's even more engaging than a professionally-branded video? A personalised, professionally-branded video! Using someone's name, location -- or even their own photo -- in your advertising demands their attention. Personalisation is so powerful that adding names to bottles even boosted Coke's massive-but-maxed-out sales.

Personalising videos on-the-fly is complex, though - it needs specialist video hosting that has typically been out of reach for all but the biggest firms... until now! Click the example above to see what I can now offer at SME-friendly prices -- either using stock footage or your own videos.

N.B. As this is only a demo, it won't send me your details, and the 'coupon' button will just reload this page.