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Video Testimonials Made Easy

Video testi­mo­nials combine two of the most powerful forms of mar­keting. Video mar­keting is every­where because it works so well. Testimonials have always been vital for sales, and text testi­mo­nials have become vital for local SEO as well.

The trouble is, col­lecting testi­mo­nials can be dif­ficult. Video testi­mo­nials doubly so.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could get a very simple, cost-effective way to collect powerful video testi­mo­nials from your happy customers?

Well, here it is!

Why Are Testimonials So Important For Small Businesses?

Most busi­nesses and cus­tomers rely heavily on testi­mo­nials and reviews, because people buy from people they know, like and trust. When they don’t really know you, they look for “trust marks”. Testimonials are among the most powerful of those. Video testi­mo­nials are even more powerful.

Even better, online reviews also improve your site’s search engine pos­i­tioning. So they help to drive traffic to your site, too!

Why Video Testimonials Beat Text Reviews

Almost everyone knows text reviews can be faked. Some review systems make that harder than others, but most people don’t know that. So that limits their value.

A happy cus­tomer talking on camera is far more per­suasive. That’s partly because it’s more per­sonal, but also because it’s clearly harder to fake.

So why doesn’t everyone use them? Because gath­ering them is (nor­mally) quite tricky.

The Video Testimonial Hurdle

Getting people to go on-camera used to be dif­ficult. Social media and the pan­demic have changed that. Whilst some still aren’t keen, others are hard to keep off camera. Still, you don’t need everyone to leave a review. Just enough.

Actually recording videos used to be tricky, too. Now, most people can now record them easily on their phones, if nothing else.

Still, getting that video from them in the right format to add to your site can be dif­ficult. Many don’t know how to get video files off their phones. Even if they do, video files can get large fast — and not everyone has plenty of storage space on their phones.

In any case, walking them through all that can be time con­suming. If the result turns out not to be usable, that can be a big waste of time. It’s all very incon­venient — done that way.

The Easy Way To Gather Video Testimonials

Wouldn’t it be better to just give happy cus­tomers a link and wait for the video testi­mo­nials to arrive? That’s how easy this new system is!

The page you send them to will record the video online. It can give them prompts for talking-points, too.

No clut­tering up their phone. No strug­gling to transfer the file to you. No uncer­tainty about what to say. Just videos, delivered to a system where you can review them and download the ones you approve. How easy is that?

Then, if you aren’t sure how to add them to your site, I can help with that, too. Imagine how having several video testi­mo­nials on your site could boost sales!

Want to see what video testi­mo­nials could do for you?

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