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Customers love video, but do you know what they love even more? Being in control. So today I’m proud to launch another new service — inter­active video mar­keting for small busi­nesses!

Ask your audience what they want to see. Then offer it to them and let them respond — all in one video.

Check out the example on this page. Then read on to see how you can be one of the first to use this amazing new tech­nology in your digital marketing.

N.B. As this is only a demo, it won’t save your email address or send you a coupon — but your video could!

How can Interactive Video Marketing help you?

Videos are incredibly popular and engaging, even without inter­active ele­ments. Inviting the user to choose their path through a series of related clips linked together by mul­tiple-choice ques­tions makes them even more com­pelling. This sort of pos­itive engagement with your brand makes viewers more likely to buy from you.

These inter­active videos also let you present viewers with a message and Call To Action tailored to their spe­cific choices. This could be a coupon offer or mailing-list opt-in, or even an in-video pur­chase button for a rel­evant product.

For instance, a body builder and a dieter might both be searching for a gym, but for very dif­ferent reasons. If you target either one with your mar­keting mes­sages and offers, the other is less likely to convert into a cus­tomer. Yet if your mar­keting video presents a message tries to appeal to both, it won’t be as con­vincing to either.

Wouldn’t it be better if your video could ask the viewer what their goals were, then tailor its message and Call To Action to their responses? With Interactive Video Marketing, you can. …but it doesn’t end there.

What else can Interactive Video Marketing do?

Interactive videos can include several levels of choice, and decision paths that either branch, con­verge, or loop back to pre­vious choices. So they can either filter viewers towards an increas­ingly-spe­cific goal, or just run highly engaging, mul­tiple-choice polls.

Alternatively, these videos can offer a full menu of the clips they contain. That lets viewers choose which clips to watch freely, like chapters in a ref­erence book.

My inter­active mar­keting video solu­tions can also provide anonymous, aggregate data on which choices were most popular with the viewers. The ability to create a single video that can show dif­ferent, dynamic text to each viewer, adds even more power and flexibility.

N.B. Social media ser­vices don’t cur­rently allow inter­active videos to run dir­ectly on their plat­forms. However, it’s easy to add them to your website and link to them from social media.

How creative can you get?

Interactivity alone can be engaging enough to get people to view far more of your video than they’d nor­mally con­sider. Each choice renews their interest, so the clips between may not even need a storyline.

Still, storytelling is a very effective mar­keting tactic, and video is a natural medium for that. We’re hard-wired to love stories — and being given a chance to shape them is almost irres­istible. That’s why adventure games have been incredibly popular over the past few decades.

So when Netflix recently released “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” as an inter­active “choose your own ending” video, it didn’t just go viral. Many people watched it repeatedly, trying to find dif­ferent paths through the tale each time.

Stories can also be very per­suasive. Those that illus­trate how your solu­tions have solved other clients’ problems are obvi­ously powerful sales tools. Stories that demon­strate how your solu­tions can out­perform others are very effective too.

Still, giving the cus­tomer control of the nar­rative builds even more trust. It effect­ively lets them con­vince them­selves. So whilst con­structing and filming a coherent branching storyline can be complex, the potential oppor­tun­ities offered by inter­active storytelling are enormous.

Want to learn more about how inter­active video could help your business?