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Web design & web developmentThere are many dif­ferent types of website, so web design and devel­opment prices vary widely. The needs and budgets of startups and estab­lished firms differ, too. So, I provide a wide range of web design & devel­opment solu­tions that includes:

Web Design

  • Basic web­sites — If you do plenty of offline mar­keting, or are happy to pay for ads, a simple website may be all you need.
  • Pro­fes­sional web­sites — if you want to act­ively advertise your business online, you’ll need an editable, expandable website. A full, pro­fes­sional website will help you cut ongoing advert­ising expenses through cost-effective Search Engine Optim­isation (SEO).
  • E-Com­merce — the most direct way to make money out of your website
  • Landing Pages — serious digital mar­keting starts with driving traffic to an offer on a landing page. A stan­dalone landing page or funnel focused on a single offer can convert better than a full website
  • Online Com­munities — people love to “belong”. So, sub­scrip­tions for access to valuable members-only content can build up into a decent recurring income

Web Development

  • Special Sites (Fun­draising, Event sites, Mar­ket­places etc.) — many less common web systems can be built from existing plat­forms and plugins. As a qual­ified pro­grammer, I can also modify the code when needed. It’s a minor point — unless you find you’ve hired a “web developer” who can’t actually do that.
  • Bespoke Web Apps — mod­elling unique, spe­cific business pro­cesses requires detailed ana­lysis and bespoke coding.
  • Data-driven Desktop Apps — some­times, it’s best to keep your database applic­ation offline

Small Business Mobile Apps

Looking for a mobile app to boost your business? I build those too — at small-business-friendly prices! They help web­sites grow, rather than replacing them, though. So, you’ll find them listed under my “Growth” digital mar­keting ser­vices.

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Do you have a great idea for a website that could benefit from some pro­fes­sional guidance? Do you need a pro­fes­sional web designer and/or web developer? I have over a decade of exper­ience in web design, devel­opment and digital mar­keting con­sultation. So, I can offer a wider, yet more coherent, range of web design and devel­opment ser­vices than many larger agencies. Click on the links to learn more — or check out my site support and online mar­keting ser­vices.

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