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Web hosting & support servicesWeb­sites need more than just web hosting (storage space) and a domain name (address) to prosper. So my “Hosting Plus” plans include the extra support ser­vices that pro­fes­sional web­sites really need to succeed.

Web Hosting Packages

All my “Hosting Plus” packages offer website storage (of course), plus:

  • Domain name one optional ‘classic’ or ‘UK’ domain (.com/.net/.org/.co.uk/.uk/.org.uk)
  • Email ser­vices, using simple webmail or offline email clients (e.g. Outlook, Thun­derbird)
  • SSL security to keep your vis­itors safe, build trust, and improve your search rankings
  • Site stats to keep your mar­keting informed
  • Security updates (“Pro” and “Business” plans only) — because most sites face daily attacks
  • An Anti-Hack guar­antee worth £600 — whilst I work to keep sites safe, I also offer a day’s free work to mit­igate any breaches
  • Dis­counted support – up to 1 hour/month of website support for just £36/mo. or less (nor­mally £45/mo.)
  • SEO sitemap cre­ation and sub­mission to help the major search engines find you
  • UK-based servers to sim­plify data reg­u­lation com­pliance
  • Daily site backups for peace of mind
  • Social link counts to build social proof (optional)

My Pro and Business Hosting Plus packages add even more to that! So, please see the full list of fea­tures below.

Hosting Plans Summary

Web hosting plans don’t nor­mally include the starred items () below. These Hosting Plus plans provide them to boost your business. Click for details.

Basic Hosting Plus

Designed for “static” web­sites like my simple sites, my Basic Hosting Plus package provides 2 GB of storage and 20 GB of monthly band­width. To that, it adds SSL security and the other the “Hosting Plus” fea­tures listed at the top of this page. Basic Hosting Plus starts at just £35 per month.

Static sites still need occa­sional updates, but nor­mally lack the systems needed to add and edit new pages easily. So I can add a simple editor for the existing pages if required, for a small extra fee. If you’d rather not edit the site yourself, my website main­tenance plan offers a cost-effective way to update a static site.

Pro Hosting Plus

Editable web­sites need my Pro Hosting Plus package. This provides 4GB of storage, 40 GB of band­width and the database needed to let you add unlimited editable pages.

Normal web hosting packages stop there — but pro­fes­sional sites need more than those basics. So Pro Hosting Plus is a managed hosting package that includes 24/7 security and software mon­it­oring and other vital ser­vices as standard.

Business sites also need to be pro­moted, so you’ll get 10% off my flexible SEO & Digital Mar­keting Plans.

Web Hosting With Security As Standard

Editable web­sites are attractive targets for hackers. So Pro Hosting Plus provides security updates worth over £150 a month (based on ad-hoc support rates). Unlike most other managed hosting ser­vices, these include any free updates to your site’s indi­vidual plugins and exten­sions.

Pro Hosting Plus uses a Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) to improve SEO, site speed, reli­ab­ility and security, with DDoS mit­ig­ation to keep your site online, a built-in firewall, and regular security scanning.

Even with all those valuable extra fea­tures, Pro Hosting Plus costs just £65 per month!

Business Hosting Plus

Business Hosting Plus is a managed secure hosting package designed for eco­m­merce and mem­bership or com­munity web­sites. Such sites need to keep cus­tomer details safe, as well as handling more images and complex pro­cessing than simple bro­chure web­sites. So they need more resources, and a more isolated envir­onment than simpler “shared” hosting systems can provide.

That’s where a VPS, or “virtual private server” helps. It provides ded­icated resources without the cost of man­aging ded­icated hardware. It’s also easier to upgrade as you grow — we don’t need to open a box to install more RAM or hard drives.

So, the Business Hosting Plus package provides all the benefits of Pro Hosting Plus (above) on a faster “VPS” server with far more resources: 25GB of fast SSD storage, 1GB of RAM and unlimited band­width. This is backed up by a RAID 10 storage array for high sta­bility and resi­lience.

Finally, my legal com­pliance solu­tions provided offer lawyer-managed Cookie and Privacy Policy doc­u­ments to help you with GDPR require­ments. Writing Privacy Policies for web­sites now requires spe­cific tech­nical and legal know­ledge (e.g. here’s mine), so this can save a lot of work.

Business Hosting Plus starts at just £125 per month.

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