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Web hosting & support servicesWeb­sites aren’t fire-and-forget pro­jects. They are ongoing ser­vices that need more than web hosting (storage space) and a domain name (address) to prosper. So my “Hosting Plus” plans offer far more than normal web hosting packages. They include the vital support ser­vices that pro­fes­sional web­sites really need to succeed.

Web Hosting Packages

All my “Hosting Plus” packages offer website storage (of course), plus:

  • UK-based servers to sim­plify data reg­u­lation com­pliance
  • Domain name regis­tration and renewals for one ‘classic’ (.com/.net/.org) or ‘UK’ (.co.uk/.uk/.org.uk) domain
  • Email ser­vices, using simple webmail, Gmail or offline email clients (e.g. Outlook, Thun­derbird)
  • Daily site backups — obvi­ously essential, but not as common as many site owners assume
  • SEO sitemap cre­ation and sub­mission to help the major search engines find you
  • Spam-filtered site stats to keep your mar­keting informed, not mis­in­formed (as many are!)
  • Social Link Counts to build social proof
  • Dis­counted support — 25% off my Basic Main­tenance Plan
  • An Anti-Hack guar­antee worth £480 — I work hard to keep sites safe, and offer a day’s free work to mit­igate any breaches

My Pro and Business Hosting Plus packages add even more to that! So, please see the full list of fea­tures below.

Hosting Plans Summary

Normal hosting plans do not offer the starred items () in the table below. My Hosting Plus plans include them to increase your chances of success. Click here for more details.

Basic Hosting Plus

For non-editable, “static” web­sites, my Basic Hosting Plus package provides 2 GB of storage and 20 GB of monthly band­width, as well as the “Hosting Plus” fea­tures listed at the top of this page. Basic Hosting Plus starts at just £33 per month.

Static sites still need occa­sional updates, but lack the “engine” other sites use to make that easy. So my website main­tenance plans offer a cost-effective way to update a static site.

Pro Hosting Plus

Editable web­sites need my Pro Hosting Plus package. This provides 4GB of storage, 40 GB of band­width and the database needed to run a site that you can edit freely yourself.

Normal web hosting packages stop there — but pro­fes­sional sites need more than those basics. So Pro Hosting Plus is a managed hosting package that includes 24/7 security and software mon­it­oring and other vital ser­vices as standard.

Business sites also need to be pro­moted, so you’ll get 10% off my flexible SEO & Digital Mar­keting Plans, and Loc­al­Crowd for just £50 per month (nor­mally £75). Loc­al­Crowd helps you gather, track and manage your online reviews and business listings, to improve your local search pos­i­tioning.

Web Hosting With Security As Standard

Editable web­sites are easier and more luc­rative targets for hackers. So Pro Hosting Plus provides SSL security and basic security updates worth over £75 a month. Unlike most other managed hosting ser­vices, these include any free updates to your site’s indi­vidual plugins and exten­sions, too.

Pro Hosting Plus uses a Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) to improve SEO, site speed, reli­ab­ility and security, with DDoS mit­ig­ation to keep your site online, a built-in firewall, and regular security scanning.

Finally, my legal com­pliance solu­tions provided offer lawyer-managed Cookie and Privacy Policy doc­u­ments to help you with GDPR require­ments. Writing Privacy Policies for web­sites now requires spe­cific tech­nical and legal know­ledge (e.g. here’s mine), so this can save a lot of work.

Even with all those valuable extra fea­tures, Pro Hosting Plus costs just £66 per month!

Business Hosting Plus

Business Hosting Plus is a managed secure hosting package designed for e‑commerce and mem­bership or com­munity web­sites. Such sites need to keep cus­tomer details safe, as well as handling more images and complex pro­cessing than simple bro­chure web­sites. So they need more resources, and a more isolated envir­onment than simpler “shared” hosting systems can provide.

That’s where a VPS, or “virtual private server” helps. It provides ded­icated resources without the cost of man­aging ded­icated hardware. It’s also easier to upgrade as you grow — we don’t need to open a box to install more RAM or hard drives.

So, the Business Hosting Plus package provides all the benefits of Pro Hosting Plus (above) on a faster “VPS” server with far more resources: 25GB of fast SSD storage, 1GB of RAM and unlimited band­width. This is backed up by a RAID 10 storage array for high sta­bility and resi­lience.

Business Hosting Plus starts at just £99 per month.


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