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Web hosting & support servicesWebsites aren’t fire-and-forget projects. They are ongoing services that need more than just a bit of file storage space to prosper. So, rather than offering domains and web hosting separately, the packages below include several other essential website support services.

I can also provide website maintenance and fixes for a wide range of systems.

Web Hosting & Domain Packages

A domain name is your website’s address; web hosting is the land on which it’s built. Your website will need need both and I’ll generally need direct access to them.

However, it isn’t easy to maintain the security and performance of a server with more than one administrator. So, some popular services handle this by severely limiting user access. Sometimes though, that can make it difficult to provide the extra features that professional websites need.

So, I offer three “Hosting Plus” options that offer more than normal web hosting packages. They include various easily overlooked features to help your website’s succeed. For instance, they all use UK-based servers* to simplify data regulation compliance.

*Unless otherwise agreed. We can, of course, adjust and build on these packages as your site grows.

Basic Hosting Plus

Suitable for non-editable websites, my Basic Hosting Plus package provides 2 GB of storage, 10 GB of monthly bandwidth and 1 domain*. It also includes email services and daily backups. I’ll also create an SEO sitemap for your site and submit it to the major search engines. Basic Hosting Plus costs just £30 per month.

* Includes Nominet (common ‘.uk’ types) and Classic (.com/.org/.net) domains

Pro Hosting Plus

Editable websites benefit from my Pro Hosting Plus package. This provides all the benefits of Basic Hosting (above), with 3GB of storage and 20 GB of bandwidth. It also includes up to two databases, as these are needed to run editable sites.

Normal web hosting packages would stop at that — you’d only find out what you were missing by asking SEO, marketing and security experts. However, I provide those services too — and your success is my success. So, I don’t want you to miss out.

Legal compliance is now a big concern for professional websites, especially the security and privacy requirements of the GDPR and EU Cookie Directive. Pro Hosting Plus is designed to help you achieve compliance.

Pro Hosting Plus: Security As Standard

The extra flexibility of editable websites makes them easier (and more lucrative) targets for hackers. So, Pro Hosting Plus is a managed hosting package. This provides regular site software monitoring and basic security updates, worth over £100 per month. Some managed hosting services only cover core software updates. Pro Hosting Plus covers updates to your site’s individual plugins and extensions, too.

Professional websites also need SSL security, so that’s included with Pro Hosting Plus — but why, and what is it anyway?

Well, sensitive data like email addresses can normally be intercepted easily as it crosses the web. Secure web pages use a certificate to encrypt that data in transit. These certificates are unique for each domain and have a limited lifespan, so they must be replaced regularly. This helps to reduce the threat from fake (or “spoof”) sites stealing visitor data.

For years, browsers have displayed a padlock on sites secured by valid security certificates. Now, they also display warnings on pages without these certificates — and search engines prefer secure sites, too.

SSL is now TLS

Don’t worry about the names. TLS (version 1.2+) is just the new security standard required for payment processing. So that’s what I actually provide.

…but wait, there’s (even) more! Pro Hosting Plus also includes a Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) to improve SEO, site speed, reliability and security, DDoS mitigation to keep your site online, with a built-in firewall. Legal compliance solutions for Cookie and Privacy Policy regulations are included — these will help you with GDPR/Data Protection requirements, too.

You’ll also get social media buttons, automatic image optimisation, regular security scans and direct access to site stats with basic spam-filtering, because fake traffic can be very misleading. Finally, because search engines have become central to competing online, you’ll get 10% off my flexible SEO Plans, too!

Even with all that included, Pro Hosting Plus costs just £60 per month!

Business Hosting Plus

Business Hosting Plus is a managed hosting package with SSL security, designed for e-commerce and membership websites. Trust is vital for both sales and signups, so “trust marks” like the SSL padlock directly increase conversions. By protecting logins, SSL also reduces the risk of hacking and costly data leaks.

This package also provides all the benefits of Pro Hosting Plus (above), 4 GB of storage and 30 GB of bandwidth. To that, it adds significant extra security features, including a more advanced firewall with real-time threat protection and 2-Factor Authentication (“2FA” – mobile phone sign-in).

E-commerce and membership sites generally store login data for many customers or members, but weak passwords on these accounts can pose huge security problems. So, this package includes advanced password checking to mitigate this risk. Business Hosting Plus costs just £90 per month.

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