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Work Credits & Care Plans

By using any of the pay­ment links or but­tons below, you con­firm that you have read, and agree, to my Terms. If you have found this page and are not an exist­ing cus­tom­er, please con­tact me first to make sure I can help you.

Please see my Web­site Main­ten­ance page for more inform­a­tion on Work Cred­its and web­site Care Plans.

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Cred­its are non-refund­able, but stay on your account until used. Care Plans have a min­im­um six-month con­tract, then renew monthly. I don’t cur­rently charge VAT.

A Budget Care Plan is also avail­able at just £40 per month for one cred­it per two months: Buy now!

If you need to check the bal­ance of cred­its on your account, please con­tact me.