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Here you can pur­chase Work Credits and website Care Plans. My Care Plans are highly recom­mended, as regular pay­ments and larger blocks of credits let me offer ser­vices at better rates. As unused credits don’t expire, they can accu­mulate. So Care Plans can be a great way of spreading the cost of work that you’re planning for the future.

Care Plans

Care Plans have a minimum three month con­tract, then renew monthly. They also limit the base price of any “top up” Credits needed if the work requested exceeds your plan, as noted below. I don’t cur­rently charge VAT.

Monthly Credits12510
Care Plan (Monthly)£80
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Ad Hoc Fixes

Ad Hoc Credits161230
Block (One-off)£90£480£900£2100

IMPORTANT: By using any of these payment buttons, you confirm that you have read, and agree to, my Terms. Credits are non-refundable, but stay on your account until used. If you need to check the balance of credits on your account, please contact me. If you have found this page and are not an existing cus­tomer, please contact me first to make sure I can help you.
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