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Website Pricing & Planning

Reducing Website Development Risks

Planning a website or redesign? Wondering about website pricing and the website devel­opment process? Do you want to avoid common web design project risks? Then you’re in the right place!

Since 2005, I’ve been helping small busi­nesses get the best start pos­sible by helping to reduce risks as well as costs. I do that by providing:

…and a special con­sultation process to help you select the right solution to meet your goals. Because whilst picking the wrong solution wastes money, it’s still a common mistake.

Websites gen­erate lots of stats. Experienced designers spend years ana­lysing them to learn what really works, and what doesn’t — and it often isn’t what you’d expect. DIY tools and inex­per­i­enced designers can’t teach you that. So relying on luck, instinct and hearsay puts your business at risk.

Safer Website Planning & Pricing

Large web devel­opment pro­jects reduce risk by starting with a “Discovery” phase. That defines the solution, at 10%-20% of an initial estimate for the full project. There’s no com­mitment to com­pleting the project until it has been examined in enough detail to set a firm price.

I offer this risk-reducing advance con­sultation for small pro­jects, too. Here’s how that works:

  • Call me — or book a free call back. If you only need a simple site, I’ll be happy to confirm that.
  • Otherwise, I’ll offer an optional Discovery phase to invest­igate your goals in more detail. For pro­jects up to £3k, this costs just £300.
  • If you decide to proceed, the Discovery fee reduces the project price. So it’s effect­ively free.

Website pro­jects often prompt extra ideas during devel­opment. So this process can provide either a more reliable estimate, or a fixed-price quote based on a fixed scope of work and schedule. This means you get better plans, lower risk and a lower imple­ment­ation cost, and I get a happier client.

Why Trust My Advice?

Online mar­keting is tech­nical, so ama­teurs and unscru­pulous mar­keters spread a lot of hype. So why am I any dif­ferent?

Well, exper­ience for starters. I’ve been doing this far longer than most. Not just since going freelance in 2005 spe­cifically to help small busi­nesses, either. I’ve been building web­sites since 1996, and helping small busi­nesses get online since 1997 — and that’s not all.

Having helped to set up Which? Online (the Consumers’ Association ISP), I then ran and mentored its mul­tiple-award-winning tech support team. You don’t do that without being extremely well-informed and genu­inely keen to help others succeed.

Also, you need unbiased advice. Most web designers will only sell you the benefits of the type of site they spe­cialise in. Offering everything from simple site packages to bespoke web design and web devel­opment lets me offer advice that’s focused on your needs.

Finally, my extensive expertise isn’t limited to web design. As a qual­ified pro­grammer, I offer web devel­opment too, and have been designing graphics, writing, and pro­moting busi­nesses offline since the early ’80s. That lets me see a much bigger picture than more spe­cialised web designers and online mar­keters. I can help you join the dots.

I think we should talk. Do you?

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