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Website Pricing & Planning

Planning your first website? Or your tenth? Or a redesign? Won­dering about website pricing and the website devel­opment process? Great — I’m here to help!

Spe­cifically, I’m here to help you avoid web design project risks — and one in par­ticular. What is that? Wasting money on the wrong solution for your business.

You see, web­sites are invest­ments that offer huge returns. However, to do that, they need to work with your mar­keting plans. Suc­cessful mar­keting plans are built on effective market research, though. So o web­sites vary as much as busi­nesses do, and without proper research, it’s easy to waste money on a site that doesn’t suit your market.

For instance, when I started up in 2005, five-page “static” web­sites (non-editable sites) worked for many markets. Now, whilst they can still achieve some goals, editable web­sites with active content mar­keting strategies do better in search engines.

Website Planning & Pricing the Safe Way

Large bespoke web devel­opment pro­jects have a way to min­imise this risk. They need a “Dis­covery” phase to detail the solution before they can confirm the pricing. So many offer that first, at 10%-20% of the initial estimate for the whole project. There’s no com­mitment to com­pleting the project until it has been examined in enough detail to set a firm price.

I offer this risk-reducing advance con­sultation for small pro­jects, too. Here’s how that works:

  • Book a short, free phone con­sultation here (or just call me)
  • For clarity, Dis­covery is optional for all but the largest pro­jects. Small simple sites have limited uses, so a phone call is usually enough to check if these will really meet your goals. The smallest sites can cost less than Dis­covery anyway.
  • If you decide to proceed with Dis­covery, we can start that on payment of a non-refundable deposit. For pro­jects that seem likely to cost under £3k, I can do this for a flat fee of just £300.
  • We’ll then discuss your goals in more detail. As per­sonal meetings aren’t prac­tical right now, I like to arrange a video meeting at this stage. That’s optional, though — we can cover everything by phone and email if you prefer.
  • I’ll then research your target keywords and com­pet­itors’ web pres­ences, and provide these findings along with sug­ges­tions on how to reach your goals, as well as website pricing and schedules.

If you decide to go ahead with the project, the cost of this Dis­covery con­sultation comes off the project price. So it’s effect­ively free. You get some com­petitor research, better plans, more cer­tainty and a lower imple­ment­ation cost, and I get a happier client.

There’s no oblig­ation to go further though. So investing in this expert advice first avoids wasting far more on a website that wouldn’t have met your goals.

Would you like less risk for no extra cost?

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