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Web Design FAQs

Websites aren’t simple off-the-peg pur­chases. So the best way to get started is by scheduling a callback or video call to discuss your goals. It’s quick and easy, and even if you’re too busy for that right now, you can book up to two weeks in advance.

Still, it saves time to address some common ques­tions first. So please check those out below — then click the button to let me know the best time to call.

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Why should I trust what you say about web design?
Because I’ve been doing it since 1996 and spe­cial­ising in helping small busi­nesses since 2005. Before setting up Netcentrics.co.uk, I helped set up Cable Online (aka NTL, now Virgin Media) and Which? Online, ment­oring teams providing award-winning support for the Consumers’ Association. If that isn’t enough, trust my Testimonials.
How can Netcentrics.co.uk help with my website design?

I spe­cialize in helping small firms grow online by crafting web­sites that mean business. So I’ll work closely with you to tailor a web design solution to your spe­cific needs and audience.

It doesn’t stop there, though. A great website without onoging mar­keting is like a Ferrari stuck in a garage. If you’re new to all this, there’s a lot to learn; if not, you already know mar­keting is an ongoing com­pet­ition. So I can provide various mar­keting ser­vices if needed, as well as ongoing support and startup coaching too.

I’m very busy — how can I find time for this?

Step by step:

  1. Get started. Book a call, or pick a plan (see the “How much…” item for links to more info). Until you commit, dis­trac­tions will keep appearing.
  2. Relax. Building effective business web­sites takes weeks or months, not in a few hectic hours or days. So I’ll walk you through the process, working around your other com­mit­ments as far as pos­sible. If investors or events beyond your control have set urgent dead­lines, def­in­itely book a call first, though. Otherwise, you’ve got time, and I can help you find it.
I’m not confident with web stuff — can you help?

Yes. We all have our own exper­ience and skill sets. Helping small business owners like you is mine. Asking ques­tions is better than learning stuff by trial and error, so never feel awkward about it.

How long does website design take?

Timescales for building web­sites vary depending on the pro­ject’s com­plexity and scope, and how quickly you can provide feedback when required. If all the content is available up-front, and you aren’t busy, a very simple business site could be built in a fort­night or less. That’s assuming you want it done well enough to compete. However, because most small business owners are busy, most pro­jects take two months or more.

Do I need to get a logo, domain or hosting first?

Not really. I can help with those — oth­erwise it’s easy to make common mis­takes. Just book a call, and we can discuss what you’ll need to get from where you are to where you want to be, and how to get those things sorted.

Can you provide content for my site?

Yes, I can offer copy writing, blogging, custom video and stock media to cover a wide range of needs, as well as general content planning help. I can also provide basic com­pliance content for your Cookie and Site Privacy Policy pages.

What factors are important when designing a website?

Success takes more than strong visuals and catchy copy writing. So it’s essential to con­sider your target audience, ease of nav­ig­ation, respons­iveness across dif­ferent devices, search engine optim­iz­ation (SEO), brand identity, site security and support for ongoing mar­keting strategies.

Can I update my website content myself?

Certainly — if you want to! I nor­mally base sites on user-friendly content man­agement systems (CMS) to let you make changes and addi­tions to your web­site’s content easily. If you don’t think you’ll have time for that though, let me know and we’ll discuss other options.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! In today’s digital land­scape, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial. So all the sites I build are “responsive”, adapting to dif­ferent screen sizes to optimise user exper­ience across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

How much does website design cost?

The cost of website design varies widely, based on the size and com­plexity of the project. So we’d nor­mally need to discuss that in depth, on a scheduled call or video meeting so that we can focus on the details, free of dis­trac­tions. That said, over the years, I’ve developed a few flexible packages that cover most common startup requirements:

  • Affordable sites — editable sites with setup pay­ments split over several months to help your cash flow. Covering any­thing from simple tem­plated bro­chures to bespoke e‑commerce, these range from about £1500 to £3500 in £300 or £500 incre­ments. These also offer 100% green, high-per­formance, secure UK hosting, security updates, ongoing support, email and more from £75/month. Some clients qualify for dis­counts on these prices, whilst others choose to add extra fea­tures to them, so these packages work out as the most flexible, cost-effective options around for small firms.
  • Budget sites — built on pro­pri­etary systems, these aren’t as flexible or user-friendly as my affordable sites, but can support basic blogging and eco­m­merce from just £900 plus £60/month. So if your site isn’t business-critical but you still need basic mar­keting fea­tures on a low, fixed budget, these sites can help.
  • Basic “Static” sites — simple, non-editable (aka “Static”) bro­chure sites. These can be lim­iting, as they can’t support more advanced mar­keting strategies like blogging. Still, if you’re on a very tight budget, just want to present a few pages of info with a contact form, and don’t want to do any future site edits yourself, starting from £600 plus £60/month these may work for you.
  • One page sites — a single, non-editable page that can present a few sec­tions of info and a contact form, from as little as £45/month. Such small sites can’t attract much traffic on their own, so really need to be sup­ported by paid ads and/or offline mar­keting like net­working or vehicle livery.

More bespoke pro­jects, like large website redesigns, will still need to be indi­vidually assessed and start at £3000. Finally, bespoke web devel­opment (programming)to implement pro­cesses spe­cific to your business), starts at £10,000.

Have you got a portfolio of similar sites I can see?

Yes — and no. It’s here, but I don’t keep it up to date as testi­mo­nials are far more important in web design. You’re not a carbon-copy of any of my pre­vious clients, so your site will have dif­ferent images, content and branding. What will stay the same — I hope — is that you’ll be as happy to work with me as the pre­vious clients who provided those reviews.

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