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Pete Wright - professional web designer & developer
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Over a decade of web design & development experience

Netcentrics.co.uk – established 2005

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Hi, I’m Pete Wright – a professional web designer building goal-focused websites and web strategies. I set up Netcentrics.co.uk in 2005 to offer professional website design, web development and web consultancy services for SMEs in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Wales and across the UK.

I’ve been building websites for 20 years and working as an IT specialist for over 30. With over 40 years of computing experience (since this), I’m a natural problem-solver and hold a first-class Honours degree in IT & Computing. So, I’m often called in to rescue projects that have confounded larger agencies.

Oh, and I’ve been designing promotional materials for decades, too.

What Is Professional Website Design – And Why Do I Need It?

Whilst designers often use ‘open source’ software to build sites, few can adapt or debug the code. Some are actually web artists – they focus only on making things look pretty. Real design goes a lot further than that – design makes things work.

Meanwhile, developers can adapt code but can be less focused on visuals, communication and usability. Similarly, marketers know what the market wants, but aren’t designers or coders. So, in most agencies, aligning the priorities of all these specialists is a full-time project management job.

Professional website design isn’t just about building websites or making things pretty. It’s about focusing on your goals and providing solutions to help you reach them.

As a designer and developer, I can craft appealing, usable systems with bespoke coding where it’s needed. I’m also a business owner and web consultant covering digital marketing, SEO and site security. So, naturally, my solutions consider all the angles – without hours of inter-departmental meetings.

How Can I Help You?

Seeing projects from design, technical and marketing perspectives is a big advantage. It puts me in an excellent position to consult on strategies for online success. Over the years, I have:

  • Scratch-built a multi-award-winning community of 100,000 subscribers
  • Increased a site’s monthly traffic by 2 million page views
  • Built everything from entry-level sites to large bespoke data processing systems
  • Mentored award-winning internet support teams for NTL/Virgin and Which? Online
  • Built regular marketing emails for other household-name ISPs with millions of subscribers

So, tell me your goals and I’ll help you reach them.