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Web Design Cardiff — Newport — Bristol

Based in Newport near Bristol and Cardiff web design company Netcentrics.co.uk helps UK busi­nesses grow online. Estab­lished since 2005, pro­fes­sional website designer, web developer and digital mar­keting con­sultant Pete Wright says:

Professional web design: Newport, Bristol, Cardiff web design, development & SEO since 2005
Federation of Small Businesses

Modern business web­sites and e-Com­merce systems are now multi-channel digital mar­keting hubs. They boost business through SEO, social media, video mar­keting and other strategies. So if you want the tools and training to market and mon­etise your website cost-effect­ively, you’re in the right place.”

Website Design & Development

Every business needs a website, whether it’s a basic web presence, a pro­fes­sional site to promote your brand, e-com­merce or a bespoke web app. For cost-effective web design, Cardiff and Bristol busi­nesses need look no further.

Basic Websites

Basic web­sites are a simple, affordable way to get your business online. They can also work well if you have a strong offline brand and don’t need a blog or e-com­merce.

Pro Websites

Pro­fes­sional web­sites tend to outrank basic sites in search engines. Serious about online mar­keting? Then you need a cost-effective website with serious mar­keting fea­tures.

E-commerce Sites

Make more money with pro­fes­sional eCo­m­merce website design! Whether you offer lots of product lines or just a few, I can help you to sell more online.

Website Support

Web­sites aren’t one-off pro­jects. They need ongoing main­tenance. So my website support ser­vices include hosting, domain names and website main­tenance plans.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Need more traffic? More sales? Even the best web­sites need folks to find them. Digital mar­keting (local and national SEO, social media, video, content mar­keting, email etc.) can be very cost-effective — let me help your business grow online.


Search Engine Optim­isation (SEO) gets your site seen. My unique flexible SEO Plans are perfect for UK SMEs. Seeking cus­tomers in your area? Then check out my focused Local SEO ser­vices!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Mar­keting (SMM) is the web’s word-of-mouth. Firms who do it well, do well from it. You just need the right web strategies, time-saving tools, and helping hands, so that’s what I provide.

Video Marketing

Video Mar­keting went main­stream in 2017. If you aren’t doing it, you’re missing out. Need help getting started? Won­dering how to make your videos stand out? Let me help you with that!

Content Marketing

Content Mar­keting attracts vis­itors to your site and builds trust by reg­u­larly pub­lishing great content. My content writing ser­vices can save you hours of work on blog posts, art­icles and Press Releases.

NEW: “LocalCrowd” Boosts Local SEO Performance

Espe­cially for SMEs serving local markets

Review management for local SEOIf you serve local markets, you need good pos­i­tioning in searches that name your town or city. Local SEO is how you get that. 

Local SEO adds extra rating factors to the usual signals — notably, dir­ectory listings (“cita­tions”) and reviews, Neither is as easy to manage as it seems.

My new “Loc­al­Crowd” Local SEO service can help with that. Get more and better cita­tions and reviews. Track and manage the ones you already have — all from one con­venient dash­board.

Not sure how your listings in major dir­ect­ories are looking at the moment? Learn more about Loc­al­Crowd and get a free audit of your dir­ectory listings:

NEW: “SEO Plus” Plans — Full Digital Marketing for UK SMEs

Unique, flexible, multi-strategy SEO & digital mar­keting packages

SEO Plans & Digital Marketing for SMEs near Cardiff, Newport & BristolPro­fes­sional web design boosts sales by improving con­version rates. SEO and digital mar­keting brings your site the vis­itors it needs to achieve that.

Focusing on a single mar­keting strategy can be a tough choice. So what if you didn’t have to choose? What if you found a flexible way to work on your SEO that included other sales-boosting strategies, too? Like done-for-you blogging, infographics, video mar­keting, social media ad man­agement and more?

That’s what my SEO Plus Plans are all about! I aim to help UK small busi­nesses (espe­cially in South Wales and the Southwest) make the most of digital mar­keting. So these plans are tailored to suit a wide range of SME mar­keting budgets.

NEW: Interactive Video Marketing

Interactive marketing videosVideo mar­keting is attention-grabbing, shareable and engaging. Engagement builds trust, and trust builds sales. So if you haven’t started video mar­keting yet, you’re leaving money on the table.

Still, you know what’s even more effective? Inter­active video.

Let viewers tell you what they want. Let them choose their own endings. Then show them what they’ve asked to see, and watch engagement go through the roof.

Normal videos grow your audience and build interest. Inter­active videos can also convert that interest into action — even in-video e-com­merce sales. So inter­active video is incredibly powerful — and finally affordable for SMEs!