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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Con­tent mar­ket­ing isn’t a new idea. News­pa­pers have been mak­ing money from it for cen­tur­ies. Ask any media bar­on how well it works.

…but how does it work?

The benefits of Content Marketing

Well, trust is vital if you want to con­vert vis­it­ors into cus­tom­ers, or per­suade them of any­thing. Demon­strat­ing your expert­ise by provid­ing valu­able advice for free helps to build that trust – and that increases sales.

Online, SEO effects make con­tent mar­ket­ing even more effect­ive. For a start, search engines prefer sites that are reg­u­larly updated. They also prefer sites with lots of back­links – in fact, if no extern­al sites link to your webpage, it may not appear in Bing at all!

The catch is that people rarely link to old con­tent, or to product and ser­vice pages. So, it’s vital to add inter­est­ing (link-worthy) art­icles reg­u­larly — wheth­er on a blog, a news page, or as stan­dalone pages.

Com­pared to less act­ive sites, those that post new con­tent reg­u­larly tend to get:

  • Twice as many back­links
  • Twice as many sales leads
  • More social fol­low­ers
  • …and bet­ter search rank­ings, too

Put simply: the more inter­est­ing art­icles you pub­lish, the bet­ter your site will per­form.

Getting started with Content Marketing

Now, web pages should con­tain at least 300 words of text con­tent and an image. Art­icles of up to 2000 words tend to do bet­ter in search – and the more often you can pub­lish, the bet­ter.

Ideally of course, you’d write all the art­icles your­self to demon­strate your expert­ise — but it’s hard to find time, isn’t it?

Even a short page of 300 – 500 words can take hours to devel­op. You’d need to come up with ideas, then research, draft, write, pol­ish and illus­trate them. Doing that reg­u­larly would build your busi­ness, but at the cost of a day or more of your time each month.

So, what if you could get all that done for you? You’d just need to okay the top­ic sug­ges­tions and the final pieces (or spe­cify revi­sions if needed). Each piece would include an illus­trat­ive stock image and could be pos­ted straight to your blog on accept­ance, if you prefer. What would that be worth?

Well, UK copy­writers charge over £300 a day on aver­age, so that’s the mar­ket value.

Still, reg­u­lar work helps to keep costs down – and whilst art­icle length mat­ters, so does qual­ity, which suf­fers with pre­cise word-count based pri­cing. So, I offer four approx­im­ate art­icle lengths on monthly plans:

  • 500 words (approx.) for just £60/month
  • 1000 words (approx.) for just £110/month
  • 1500 words (approx.) for just £160/month
  • 2000 words (approx.) for just £210/month

Off-Site Content Marketing

Con­tent mar­ket­ing doesn’t just refer to con­tent on your own site. Provid­ing qual­ity con­tent for oth­er sites is a great way to drive traffic, as most are happy to link back in return.

Digital Press Releases

Got news? A new product or ser­vice per­haps? Or a new web­site? How would you like to pro­mote that with a pro­fes­sion­ally-writ­ten press release dis­trib­uted to dozens – or even hun­dreds – of estab­lished news web­sites? I offer syn­dic­ated, fully Done-For-You digit­al press releases from just £160.

Guest Posting

Even estab­lished blog­gers are often happy to accept extra con­tent from “guest posters”. Gen­er­al news won’t be enough, though — guest posts need to be inter­est­ing art­icles, usu­ally requir­ing a bit of research to deliv­er value to the site’s read­ers. Google dis­ap­proves of low-qual­ity, spammy guest post­ing, but qual­ity third-party con­tent is as legit­im­ate as in-house writ­ing.

How­ever, back­links from low-qual­ity sites can harm your search pos­i­tion­ing — whilst sites with more author­ity tend to be more dis­cern­ing about the art­icles they accept. That means it can take a bit of work to find suit­able sites to accept a giv­en art­icle. So, I can offer guest post­ing ser­vices — includ­ing dis­tri­bu­tion — from just £160.

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