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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

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Content marketing isn’t a new idea. Newspapers have been making money from it for centuries. Ask any media baron how well it works.

…but how does it work?

The benefits of Content Marketing

Well, trust is vital if you want to convert visitors into customers, or persuade them of anything. Demonstrating your expertise by providing valuable advice for free helps to build that trust – and that increases sales.

Online, SEO effects make content marketing even more effective. For a start, search engines prefer sites that are regularly updated. They also prefer sites with lots of backlinks – in fact, if no external sites link to your webpage, it may not appear in Bing at all!

The catch is that people rarely link to old content, or to product and service pages. So, it’s vital to add interesting (link-worthy) articles regularly — whether on a blog, a news page, or as standalone pages.

Compared to less active sites, those that post new content regularly tend to get:

  • Twice as many backlinks
  • Twice as many sales leads
  • More social followers
  • …and better search rankings, too

Put simply: the more interesting articles you publish, the better your site will perform.

Getting started with Content Marketing

Now, web pages should contain at least 300 words of text content and an image. Articles of up to 2000 words tend to do better in search – and the more often you can publish, the better.

Ideally of course, you’d write all the articles yourself to demonstrate your expertise — but it’s hard to find time, isn’t it?

Even a short page of 300-500 words can take hours to develop. You’d need to come up with ideas, then research, draft, write, polish and illustrate them. Doing that regularly would build your business, but at the cost of a day or more of your time each month.

So, what if you could get all that done for you? You’d just need to okay the topic suggestions and the final pieces (or specify revisions if needed). Each piece would include an illustrative stock image and could be posted straight to your blog on acceptance, if you prefer. What would that be worth?

Well, UK copywriters charge over £300 a day on average, so that’s the market value.

Still, regular work helps to keep costs down – and whilst article length matters, so does quality, which suffers with precise word-count based pricing. So, I offer four approximate article lengths on monthly plans:

  • 500 words (approx.) for just £60/month
  • 1000 words (approx.) for just £110/month
  • 1500 words (approx.) for just £160/month
  • 2000 words (approx.) for just £210/month

Off-Site Content Marketing

Content marketing doesn’t just refer to content on your own site. Providing quality content for other sites is a great way to drive traffic, as most are happy to link back in return.

Digital Press Releases

Got news? A new product or service perhaps? Or a new website? How would you like to promote that with a professionally-written press release distributed to dozens – or even hundreds – of established news websites? I offer syndicated, fully Done-For-You digital press releases from just £160.

Guest Posting

Even established bloggers are often happy to accept extra content from “guest posters”. General news won’t be enough, though — guest posts need to be interesting articles, usually requiring a bit of research to deliver value to the site’s readers. Google disapproves of low-quality, spammy guest posting, but quality third-party content is as legitimate as in-house writing.

However, backlinks from low-quality sites can harm your search positioning — whilst sites with more authority tend to be more discerning about the articles they accept. That means it can take a bit of work to find suitable sites to accept a given article. So, I can offer guest posting services — including distribution — from just £160.

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