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Social Media

7 Ways Social Media Helps Small Businesses Grow

Social media apps are with us everywhere!Social media is a vital marketing tool for small businesses because entry fees are low, and the potential reach is high. Many articles focus on how social media helps small businesses grow by increasing brand awareness.

That’s all very well, but how can social media drive sales?

Well, social ads are an obvious answer — but thankfully, not the only answer.

Popular Social Media Sales Strategies

In fact, a recent review of key social media marketing stats noted seven popular ways that companies use social media to drive sales:

  • 48% of firms said being responsive encourages customers to buy
  • 46% find that offering promotions helps to drive sales
  • 42% drive sales by providing educational content (aka “content marketing”)
  • 35% use exclusive content to encourage purchases
  • 28% reported using interesting visuals increased sales
  • 27% said it helped to provide “behind the scenes” content
  • 26% find being funny can improve sales

All of these tactics also improve customer engagement with your brand and long-term loyalty.… Read the rest

7 Top Marketing Myths

Marketing myths and mistakesMarketing moves fast, but marketing myths die hard. It’s common to copy “traditional marketing wisdom” without realising that risks copying traditional marketing mistakes.

The web gives digital marketers masses of immediate audience feedback to learn from — far more than traditional marketers have ever had.

So whatever you’ve learned may well be outdated already. Times change, competitors learn and update their strategies, and marketing evolves. What worked a few years ago may not work now. Or perhaps it never worked, but was based on false, yet popular, assumptions. Yet many people still spread these myths as if they’re in the know.

Many useful lessons in marketing have been twisted by misquotes and false assumptions over the years, too. Here are seven of the top marketing myths that I still see today and why you should think twice before falling for them.… Read the rest

Social Marketing For Local Markets (Wales & Southwest)

Social Marketing - Wales & Southwest UK Over 2 billion people use social media. So social marketing can promote your business to a massive audience, making it a key advertising channel.

Still, many small businesses in and around Cardiff and Bristol target local markets, either across the UK or specifically in South Wales and the Southwest. Having an international reach isn’t always a priority.

So, how do you reach a local or niche audience with social marketing? Here are a few tips:

Know Your Audience

Do you know who your target audience is? Who are you talking to when you create a marketing campaign social media?

Not sure? Then ask!

Create a survey for your consumers so you know exactly who your target audience is. Some things to ask include:

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • What led them to your site?
Read the rest

The Business Benefits of Social Media Management Services

social media marketing servicesDid you know that social media offers tons of unique business opportunities?

95 percent of young adults reported following a brand on social media. That’s a lot of potential customers.

But as a business owner, you may not always have the time to reach them. That’s why it’s important to enlist the right help.

Here are some of the unique benefits of using social media management services.

Social Media Management Services Can Help Your Brand Craft A Story

People have become increasingly resistant to advertisements. Now, advertisers are trying to switch up their strategies for a brand-centric approach.

Your audience cares about your product. They just don’t want to be talked at.

So talk to them instead, by letting a management service craft your brand’s story.… Read the rest